Team Development

The Kairos Experience works with a number of world class partners, that enables us to offer a wide range of business simulations, games, assessment reports and talent development tools which would be ideal for any team meeting, workshop, conference or development programme.

Business simulations would include: 

Rattlesnake Canyon animates market scenario through a highly engaging and vivid learning experience. You will learn how to leverage effective partnerships to meet your customer’s needs and create a significant competitive advantage. It’s suitable for cross-teams at all functional and intact teams at all levels. 
You will learn to:
• Identify, understand and respond to actual customer needs
• Implement quick and clear communication to establish rapid, two-way comprehension
• Adopt a mind-set for pursuing maximum profit potential
• Initiate efficient processes that expedite workflow and proactive customer service
• Develop strong and mutually beneficial partnerships, both internal and external
You will learn to:
• Move from a ‘me’ mentality to a ‘we’ perspective
• Operate with more ease and efficiency by fostering an environment of trust
• Negotiate to generate mutually beneficial results and productive partnerships – everybody is a customer and supplier
• Optimise overall success by aligning your efforts to achieve individual, team and organisational goals
• Employ collaboration and widespread communication – focused on ‘big picture’ needs – to deliver exceptional internal and external service

Gold of the Desert Kings creates an experience in which the difference between activity and productivity can mean life or death, not just success or failure. But the vibrant world we face at work every day – a world where planning, gathering resources and gold direct action and goal-directed action, executed within a changing environment, are the keys to maximised results.

Council of the Marble Star challenges you to succeed on both arenas: profit and professionalism, because how you achieve a result is as important as the result itself. Here, you will learn how to negotiate and build lasting, productive relationships that drive the result you promised.

In this highly interactive session, we not only teach the theoretical fundamentals but everyone will have a practical demonstration of what empowerment really is.

Business games include:

These activities challenge teams to deliver high performance with resolute consistency. You will learn to analyse and effectively solve problems, while continually seeking ways to improve.
  • Gridlocks
  • Back to back communications
  • Discs
  • Viking attacks
  • Electric maze
  • Traffic jam
  • Juggling to learn
  • Tug of war

Assessment reports include:

• DISC Personality profile analysis (PPA)

• General intelligence assessment (GIA)

• Trait emotional intelligence questionnaire (TEIQue)

• High potential trait indicator (HPTI)

• 360 degree feedback

Talent development tools include:

• Team audit
• Interviewers guide
• Candidate feedback
• Personal reviews
• Leadership skills
• Sales audit
• Interview questionnaires
• Onboarding

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